AI led inspections and cleanings for short term rentals

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What you get with Inspector

Setup in as little as 5 mins, free for 14 days

AI manager

We monitor your reviews, messages, and your feedback to edit or reccomend new checklist items for your cleaners to complete

Generates all tasks with AI

Add details about your home (bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms, and items) and we'll generate cleaning and inspection tasks for you

Infinitely customizable tasklist items

Prompt your cleaner to complete a task, take a photo, take a video, answer a question, and more

Airbnb & Vrbo integration

Inspector automatically manages your cleaner's schedules

No more managing your cleaners... How do we do it?

Step 1: Tell us about your property

Simply walk from room to room taking photos of items that need to be cleaned and inspected.

Step 2: We generate tasks for your cleaners

For all rooms, and items in your house we reccomend cleaning and inspection tasks, which can be reviewed and edited

Step 3: We constantly monitor and reccomend new tasks

We monitor your reviews, messages, and your cleaner feedback to reccomend new cleaning and inspection tasks

Happy Guests & 5-star reviews!

14-day Free Trial

5 minute setup